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2021 Newsletter

Why would you want to establish an annual United Way Workplace Campaign at your organization or business? What's the "bottom line"? What's in it for you?

Here are three straightforward answers (of which there are many more!):

1. Free publicity. We'll regularly acknowledge your workplace's contributions to the local community. You'll be thanked in our annual newsletter mailed out to over 5,000 residents and businesses in southern Illinois. Our newsletter will also be posted on our website. We also work to promote your employees generosity with regional and local media, and at special events in your area throughout the year.

2. Increased employee satisfaction. Despite countless other changes in American workplaces over the past 50 years, United Way payroll deduction plans for making charitable donations have endured. Why? Because employees like the plans - and because they appreciate it when their workplace helps them do something they think is important, like supporting United Way.

3. Enhanced teamwork and morale. United Way Workplace Campaigns typically include employee-planned social events and low-key, friendly competitions that help increase interaction, collaboration and determination to achieve important goals. Those kinds of attitudes help enhance general productivity, effective communication and loyalty!

You can be among those who have found a very-low-cost way to increase employee morale, visibly support the local community and reap the benefits of enhanced goodwill. We've made it easy for you to help employees support United Way Agencies in their local communities. With your backing - and just a few minutes to fill out a simple form - they can choose from hundreds of ways to have their payroll deductions make a significant difference. You also have the option of matching your employees' contributions or providing a separate donation - and qualifying for significant public recognition of your firm's leadership in giving to United Way.

Whether they are seasoned top-level managers or new entry-level workers, employees know that giving to United Way is a sound investment in their community. It's now possible for them to help support all of the United Way Affiliated Agencies that are active in their community - or to target their donations to particular agencies and programs that are the most important to them.

United Way has been America's premier not-for-profit means of supporting local human service agencies since 1887. United Way of Southern Illinois (UWSI) serves donors, agencies and communities in a 14-county region through ten Advisory Board zones.

Whichever way you choose to get in touch with us, we hope to have the chance to show you that hosting a United Way Workplace Campaign is a great way to increase employee morale, build teamwork, enhance your public image and demonstrate your commitment to your community. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Each Company/Organization should elect an Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC).