Our Role

As a public charity, United Way takes no role in political activities but, like most 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, engages in a limited degree of nonpartisan issue-based advocacy on behalf of our mission, our work and those we serve.

Our goals of achieving higher standards of health, education and earnings among needy Illini and of ending homelessness requires shared responsibility among individuals, families, businesses, charities, communities of faith, civic organizations and government. Elected and appointed policy makers are essential partners to realizing sustainable progress against these goals. Our approach to public policy issues emphasizes consensus among all of these stakeholders.

United Way of Southern Illinois works year-round in collaboration with the United Ways of Illinois and United Way Worldwide to promote issues that support our goals and partnerships with policy makers at every level of government.

State Policy Agenda

Federal Issues

United Way Worldwide Public Policy Action Center

As a leading community impact organization, United Way knows that real and sustained change in community conditions requires more than money. The United Way Worldwide Public Policy office is located in Alexandria, VA and is dedicated to supporting local and state United Ways as they work to advance the common good. Policy staff educate and engage Members of Congress, the Administration, and other policy makers about the goals and priorities of the United Way movement, United Way's community impact work, and United Way system expertise in education, financial stability, nonprofit sector strengthening, and health-related issues. United Way Worldwide also supports and encourages local and state United Ways to participate in public policy at the local and state levels.

For opportunities on how to get involved and advocate on behalf of United Way's federal legislative priorities, visit the United Way Legislative Action Center.